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Comedian/Writer/Content Creator| Host of "Urban Nerd Weekly"|Co-Host of "In The Cut" w/Lesha & $pay¢e on #258TheGate|#SnackinOff [Parody Tape] Coming Soon

Who Is $pay¢e?


Born and bred in the red clay state of Georgia, 22 year old comedian $pay¢e {formerly known as Nova BlaQ} is poised to shake up the comedy industry. While most of his friends were just worried about finishing the 7th grade, the 12 year old quiet-kid-in-class had already begun writing original comedy monologues and sketches. He began performing stand-up a year later. His first taste of notoriety was at age 15 when he entered a contest on WHTA HOT107.9’s then popular radio program “The A-Team Mourning Show”. The resident comedian of the crew “Griffy 2k” asked the kid listeners of the show to call in and leave a joke on his voicemail. He did so and not only were his two voicemails among the first played on air, but his initial voicemail was subsequently used as part of the shows promotion on the station for the following 6 months. Since then the energetic comedian has taking his talents all over the peach state. He’s performed in countless talent shows, showcases, and hosting/emcee gigs here and there. In 2005 he began experimenting with ways to expand his reach via the internet since at only 15 years of age he could not go on the road or go to far away from home. Establishing accounts on sites like Blogspot, MySpace, YouTube, and even music sites like Soundclick. He began self-releasing homemade comedic web content. Knowing early it was best to have a well rounded portfolio he got right to using multiple media outlets.Audio: (internet)radio, song parodies, and original comedy songs. Video: video blogs, music video parodies, stand-up clips, and behind the scenes footage of his latest projects. He also exercises his writing muscles on blogs, writing for other comedians, and penning sketches. With the explosion of sites like Facebook, twitter, tumblr, and instagram. He is always on top of any new social media tools. $pay¢e is now focused on elevating his brand so that he can spread the funny and make as many people laugh as possible.


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