Hi guys, I finally got my new YouTube channel up and running. However, one of things I’ve learned since the last time I was actively “tubing”, circa 2007-2010ish, is that a lot has changed on the site. One of those changes is that they want you to have 100 subscribers in order to get your own url. So I need you guys’ help. Below are the first 3 videos in my vlog series. I got more coming, plus some skits, and a music videos for my parody songs. Check ’em out and tap that subscribe button. Make sure you share your favorites with as many friends as possible. Also below is the latest episode of Urban Nerd Weekly. If you didn’t know I now have a co-host. You can find her on IG @nano_kitty_cat. We’ve been having a blast this season, I hope you’ve been keeping up. And lastly underneath that is a playlist of all the parody songs I’ve released over the past couple of years called “The Snack Pack”. Its a hint at what I got coming next. I really appreciate the people that have been supporting my content over the years. I pray you guys keep rocking with me as I elevate my game over the next couple of months. Making this stuff and giving it to you guys is honestly some of the most fun I have as an adult. More Nerd shxt and more snack shxt is on the way!!!!!