Greetings Earthlings! How have you guys been? Busy as me i hope! It’s been a pretty adventurous 5 months for me. Ive been grinding it out on Urban Nerd Weekly. I’m quite ecstatic about the number of people who’ve been locked in to the show every week. The play counts for the episodes are rising as the show rolls on. I’m really loving the progress. I’ll have a post coming soon with more info about the show. Just know that you can still binge out on your favorite episodes while its on this two week hiatus. (Season 3 Playlist below). I’ve finally gotten a place of my own, and me and my girl are really loving the new digs. It’s making for a great headquarters for Urban Nerd Weekly! Work has been a beast so that’s why its been taking so long to write new blog posts. I’m glad y’all knew to keep listening to the show. I’ve officially launched my new Youtube page and boy has youtube changed since I was more heavily creating for Youtube. I gotta actually work for my url now. So with that said i’ll need you guys to help me get my views and watch time up so my page can look all the way official. Don’t forget to subscribe! (Below the playlist is the first new YT video) I’ve also dropped a few more parody songs since my last update. I’ll put up posts for each one soon.

Latest Parody Song

I appreciate those of you who’ve been checking out my content over these few months I got something special for everyone very soon on the podcast. I don’t want to make this blog post too long but, I do want to remind everyone to join the email list in the corner of the page so you guys can get all the free merchandise and exclusive content that’ll be released soon. If you’re in the Atlanta area stay tuned for when i might be doing stand-up at your local venue. Until next time earthlings!!!!!!