In my last blog post I was telling you guys about my little vacation from the internet. It goes without saying that subsequently meant that the podcast Urban Nerd Weekly was also on hiatus after the first season ended. Well I’m pleased to inform the listeners that since March 1st the second season has begun. Sorry for the late notice, but I’m switching up the format this season so the changes have occupied my time a bit. Below is the first 8 episodes of the new season. I really hope you guys enjoy the new changes that I’ve made and if your a first time listener please let me know how you enjoyed the show. Just drop me a line in the comments section. Also last season I did a blog post for every episode, this season I’ll just do one post a week for all the episodes that week instead filling up your email with posts from every episode. I changed that up because I’m doing more episodes a week than I did last season. So “Tune in and Nerd Out” to the return of Urban Nerd Weekly.