Have you ever seen the movies “The Matrix” and “Surrogates”, starring Keanu Reeves and Bruce Willis respectively? If not click the links for a quick synopsis. The things they have in common are that they are both set in the future.

Honestly if you watch Surrogates, and ignore the principle actors, it actually seems like what’s going on about 100 years prior to the events of the matrix. People plugging in to live avatar type robots to live out there lives definitely seems like it could eventuly lead to a society where people are immediately plugged in at birth and have lost all concept of true reality. In S2E9 of Urban Nerd Weekly we explore the possibility of current society’s penchant for watching others live and do things online vs. Living life ourselves. Whether it’s kids watching kids on YouTube play instead of playing, or teenagers engaging on social media more instead of hanging out in person. Even adults who have already entered the more sedentary part of their lives are increasingly relying more on technology to complete more tasks than that of yesteryear. So tune in and nerd out as we explore the digital dystopia that might be the future.