Howdy gang!

It’s been a while since I’ve been on the digital scene. Around about this time last year i was working at my last fast food job, and finishing up the tail-end of season 1 of Urban Nerd Weekly. Since then i’ve gone through a few changes in my regular daily life, so I had to take a little time off from creating content in order to re-adjust myself. For all the long time fans, friends, and family who know my car struggles will be pleased to know i finally got a car, so I’m not a scrub no more. I also got a better day job, and moved closer to my hometown of Atlanta. It’s been a really crazy ride this passed year, i’ve even reconnected with a very dear friend of mine who has been helping me out a lot… I talk about all of this in the first episode of season 2. With all the changes, I am now in a position to bring you guys some great content. I can’t wait till you guys see what I got cooking up. In the mean time here is a playlist of the entire season 1 of the podcast including the last 2 episodes that never got posted to the site. This season (which is already underway) i’ll be doing things a little different on the show, but i’ll talk more about the changes in the next blog post, for now enjoy.

p.s. i feel like i just wrote one of those essays that every teacher asked for on the first day of school. Ya know the one where they tell you to write about your summer vacation. LOL…. So that’s what i did with my year-long, summer vacation.