This episodes is the sequel to #NerdMoney and it just so happens to have dropped on the 30th anniversary of Pi day, a celebration of the mathematical constant 3.14 aka π on March 14 every year. I personally celebrated with a large Marco’s Pepperoni Magnifico pizza w/ extra sauce and ramasean all over. Check out my instagram for pics from my delicious homage. The biggest story in the episode, however, was the news of alleged Bitcoin creator Craig Wright being sued for $10 Billion. So many details on that story that you gotta tune in to get the full picture. Also rapper lil Yacty is slated to play Jon Stuart aka Green Lantern in the upcoming “Teen Titans Go!” movie, and not gonna lie I’m interested to see how that ends up turning out. Lastly we at Urban Nerd Weekly payed homage to legendary physicist Stephen Hawking who passed in the early hours of the morning of Pi Day. Hit play to hear it all.

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