Greetings Earthlings, thanks to all the people that tuned in to last week’s episode of Urban Nerd Weekly. Be sure to spread the word about the show so we can boost its rankings on the different podcast directories. I’ve been hyped about recording this weeks episode since last week. Mostly because I knew I was gonna get to talk about the Black Panther movie. Boy did that movie live up to all the hype … and then some. In this weeks episode I get into all the news and fan fare surrounding the movie. I also talk about my own experience of watching the movie, and of course the official “Urban Nerd Weekly Movie Review”. This movie was literally breaking records as the movie premiered. Speaking of breaking records, I get a little #TuneJunkie news in with rap trio “Migos” breaks on of there own. Tune in to this weeks episode to hear all about it.


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