On January 31, 2018 at around 5:51 a.m. eastern time there was a lunar event the likes the world could only witness every 150 years. Its called the Super Blue Blood Moon, a combination of a super moon, a blue moon, and a blood moon, all at once. I personally took the time to watch myself if for no other reason just to say I got to see a once in a lifetime event. I talk about it more in depth of this weeks episode of Urban Nerd Weekly. I also talk about Elon Musk selling flamethrowers… that is not a typo. This is real. I get a little into a few more of the recent advancements in technology as well as Original Queen Of Comedy, and star of early 2000’s t.v. show “The Parkers” has got a little beef with the reigning king of streams Netflix. I couldn’t resist also ranting about people eating laundry pods. But I start the episode with a story about how vintage gamer Todd Rodgers was stripped of his title as holder of the Longest Standing Gaming Record of 35 years. Don’t forget to drop a comment below or hit me on on your favorite social media site/app  which you can connect to on either the side bar or below this post depending on if you’re using desktop vs. mobile. Don’t forget to Like and Subscribe(Click this link or on the icons below the player). Enjoy Earthlings!


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