Its been a while since I hit y’all with a parody. I been doing the most IRL so i been slacking’. I promise i got nothing but flame emojis on the way. I been checking my stats and i hadn’t realized that my last song i dropped, 100ey Buns (Please hit the link you won’t regret it), has gotten a lot more plays than i expected so you guys were really feeling it. I also noticed the last song before that….

…got a lotta love too, and i appreciate y’all listening to my stuff more than y’all know bro.

These parodies, some satire, and original comedy songs will all be apart of my up coming parody tape entitled “Snackin’ Off”. If you been riding with me for a while you know i been talking about this project for a while, well know i’m telling ya not only is it about to drop soon, but its gonna be 10x funnier than it originally was going to be!!! I’m gonna let go of one more song before i drop the full tape. The song drops two weeks from the day this blog post is published! So until i drop that one i need y’all to show Fast Flippaz and 100ey Buns a lil bit mo’ love and if you haven’t yet check out Urban Nerd Weekly.


p.s. Shout out rapper Future for making both of those original songs I parodied.