Travis Porter “Saturday Mourning”

Ludacris “It’s Saturday”


Whats gucci baby??? Hows your week been, oh mines, it was mediocre. Last week i asked you guys about your Friday. Well now i’m up early on a Saturday mourning and wondering how does everybody spend theirs’. When i say Mourning it doesn’t actually have to be mourning If your the type of person that wakes up at 2 p.m. then it would just mean what do you do on the first few hours of being awake on Saturday?  I personally like to kick it old school. Get up, wash-up, big bowl of cereal, and my favorite cartoons… Of course if you d/l and listen to My stand-up comedy mixtape “15 Minutes Of Fame” you can hear all about my Saturday mourning experiences. I wont do a poll this time so just hit the comments and tell me what your Saturday mourning move is.

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