This day in 2010 I was as sick as a dog and could barely move w/o pain. My baby Momma’s water had “broken” at 4:00a.m., and all I could think about from that moment toward was getting him out safely. Like most parents I just wanted a healthy, 10 fingered, 10 toed, baby(so glad he was a boy!). Because he was MY son his head was above average size making it a difficult labor. Fast forward after almost all of our friends and family had come thru and showed a gang of support, it was time. At 7:46 p.m. he came on out. His mom cried. I cried and needless to say… so did he. For the first time I was someones daddy. He was a gangster about the whole situation and didn’t cry much after and he wasn’t gonna let the doctors make him either. That was one of the most prideful and joyous  occasions of my existence. Even though I hadn’t a clue as to what to do I knew I’d be up to the challenge. So in memory of that moment….. check back here tonight.

It’s Nova