So if your following me on Twitter or my many other internet based profiles, then you know I have an empending stand-up mixtape entitled “15 Min. Of Fame”. It will be my first official comedy release available for download. The jokes in it are a gumbo of performances from the past few years. The title comes from the fact that I only used about 15 minuts worth of material, and also the inventor of the phrase, Andy Warhol the infamous painter, and I share a birthday. I really think y’all  will enjoy it. I made this one for Carroll County(in my rapper voice), but its universaly acceptable. The mixtape was originally set to hit the net on October 30th aka

Halloween Eve. But because of production difficulties I have ascertained that I need more time. The new release date will be November 7th. Why that day you may ask?(or not either way I’m going to tell you) Well in 2010 the lord above blessed me with the most hansom Lil bouncing baby boy, but he was sooo amazing God called him back home in August 2011. So in honor of my little angel I’m going to give it to y’all on Nov. 7th at 7:46 p.m. Make sure you guys download it right here that day, and if you’d like tell my boy happy birthday.
That’s all for now but don’t forget…
Y’all come back now ya heard!!!

It’s Nova