Hey y’all! It’s da boi Nova BlaQ here. I know I do a lot and people often ask me what all do I do. “Are you a rapper, do you sing or something?” I’m a COMEDIAN, first and foremost. If

I don’t want anything else out of life I’d like to just make Ppl laugh. I love laughter, making people laugh has been one of the fuckin’ sweetest joys of my short 22 year old life. I honestly feel as though laughter is the little reminder from the Creator (GOD in my case) that things will always eventually be okay. If, once I die, all I did was make people happy via being funny I’ve served my purpose in life. However, being young and curious I have branched off into many side projects to keep me busy.
I write, all my own jokes of course, for a few other stand-up comedians, scripts of just about all types(from a 30 sec skit to a 3 hour documentary narration), and I write a blog for Front Porch Hip-Hop and Boyz Against Girlz, and I was also the writer for BlaQBox Radio. I also ghost write hip hop songs.
Radio Personality
I’ve been interviewed on live radio 3 times as a pre-teen/teenager and it got me very interested in being a radio personality. I started trying my hand at it in 2008. In 2011 I started my own site for a brand new show.

Honestly I was kinda upset at the thought of hosting at first because it ment I couldn’t do jokes but I find that hosting is fun. Weather its a show, showcase, or party I find enjoyment in being the oil that keeps things moving as far as crowd control goes. Its also a great way to network as well as fish for new comedy material.

I really do more than this but these are the main things that I can manage to do on a regular enough basis to mention.

Aaandd this is the part were I shamefully drop my booking email
NovaBlaQbooking@gmail.com if you would like to do business with me.

Hasta Luego

It’s Nova